Top 8 Lamar Jackson cards you should know about

Lamar Jackson 2018 National Treasures RPA

The National Treasures RPA is always the most high-end card released of any rookie in both football and basketball. Therefore, this card is the most high-end it can get when it comes to Lamar‘s cards, especially the low-numbered ones and the 1 of 1 version of it. A go-to investment piece in terms of his cards.

Lamar Jackson 2018 PRIZM

Probably the most famous Lamar card as PRIZM is the most hyped set in football at the moment. The card is knoaving flaws like scratches and print lines straight from the pack. Therefore, the PSA 10 population is quite low. Especially the numbered and colored variations of this card are an interesting buy in terms of investing.

Lamar Jackson 2018 PRIZM Stained Glass

Stained Glass is a super short print insert in the PRIZM set and has a very outstanding design that reminds of a colorful church window. It is quite hard to pull and therefore really rare, especially in Gem Mint condition.

Lamar Jackson 2018 Donruss Optic

The Donruss Optic set is one of the main sets that are released in football. The Rated Rookies are always very sought after and come with a nice chrome surface. Lamar is featured wearing a helmet on this card and getting ready to throw the ball.

Lamar Jackson 2018 Donruss

The regular Donruss set includes non-chrome cards that normally come with the same artwork as the Optic ones. In Lamar’s case though, he doesn’t wear a helmet which he does on the Donruss Optic. The Donruss Rated Rookies have always been appreciated by the community and come with several variations such as press proof.

Lamar Jackson 2017 Select XRC

The Select XRC is a redemption card that is included in the Select set released the year before the player is drafted. This card is therefore quite limited and special due to the way you can pull it. It is a very sought-after card that is also interesting in terms of investing in Lamar as it is an XRC and comes with a low population report.

Lamar Jackson 2018 Select #70

The base Select card was released in 2018, Lamar‘s rookie season year. A card with a great design comes with several colored and numbered variations.

Lamar Jackson 2018 Contenders Optic Rookie Ticket Autograph

Contenders Rookie Tickets have been among the most recognized and demanded rookie cards for quite a while. The Contenders Optic set is the more high-end Contenders set as it comes with chrome surface cards instead of paper ones. This card comes with a beautiful design and an on-card autograph of Lamar.