Top 6 Wrestling cards you should know about

Hulk Hogan 1982 Wrestling All Stars

Considered as the Hulkster‘s true rookie card, this card is part of the most iconic wrestling card set ever released. The set is known for its bad quality, which is why not a single PSA 10 copy of this card exists. The card comes with a broad yellow border and features a portrait of a young Hogan.

Andre the Giant 1982 Wrestling All Stars

Andre is one of the most famous and most recognizable wrestlers of all time due to his massive size. His true rookie card has been part of the same iconic set as his rival Hogan. Even fewer mint copies of this card exist compared to Hogan as there is also not a single PSA 10 copy but only four PSA 9 copies in existence.

Ric Flair 1982 Wrestling All Stars

The Nature Boy is another Hall of Fame Wrestler that was part of the 1982 Wrestling All-Stars set. The card comes in a light blue with a portrait of the young Ric Flair on it. Somehow the quality of this card seems to be better than the ones of Andre and the Hulkster. Therefore, there are six PSA 10 copies in the PSA registry.

The Undertaker 1991 Classic WWF

The Deadman‘s first appearance in the wrestling world was during the 1990 Survivor Series. The 1991 Classic WWF set features a whole bunch of Taker cards and comes with a thick dark blue border. #64 is the one considered to be his true rookie card as it is the only one featuring him on his own.

Rocky Maivia (The Rock) 1997 Cardinal WWF Trivia Series

This card is considered the Rock‘s one of his most sought-after wrestling cards and is part of a trivia card set. It comes with a yellow border and features the name Rocky Maivia and not yet the Rock.

Stone Cold Steve Austin 1997 Cardinal WWF Trivia Series

Another legendary wrestler that was part of the 1997‘s Cardinal Trivia set. Definitely one of the most sought-after Austin cards which already feature him in his iconic bald look.