Top 5 Los Angeles Lakers cards you should know about

Shaquille O‘Neal 1992 Topps Gold

The 1992 Topps NBA set included a gold foil parallel called Topps Gold which features gold foil on the card. As Topps Chrome didn’t exist back then, this is Shaq’s most high-end Topps rookie card. This card comes with a very low PSA 10 pop for a 90s card as it is known for its bad condition. Definitely our favorite Shaq card, also due to the rarity.

Lebron James 2003 Topps Chrome

Likely Lebron‘s most famous rookie card in existence, this card is one of the main indicators for what is going on in the basketball card market. Even though it is not a very scarce card, it is an extremely sought after and extremely iconic one. Expect to pay a five-figure amount if you want to add a PSA 10 copy to your collection.

Kobe Bryant 1996 Topps Chrome

Topps Chrome saw its first release in 1996, Kobe‘s rookie year. Being the most sought-after premium version of the Topps set, Topps Chrome has always been the most in-demand set till 2010. The Kobe base chrome card comes with the same artwork as the Topps one but with the iconic Chrome surface.

Magic Johnson / Julius Erving / Larry Bird 1980 Topps

Magic‘s rookie card is a very special one as the 1980 Topps cards consist of three small cards that can be separated using the perforation. The most sought-after version of this card is the combination of Magic besides Dr. J and Larry Bird (as it is also Bird‘s rookie card). There is only an extremely small number of PSA 10 copies in existence and they rarely come up for sale. A legendary card that is an absolute staple in the hobby.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1969 Topps

Playing a major role in making the Lakers a dynasty while winning five titles with Magic Johnson, Kareem is among the best players the franchise has ever seen. His 1969 card features his former name Lew Alcindor and comes with a card shape that is quite different from the later Topps cards as it is way longer and not as wide as them. A card that is extremely hard to find in Mint and Gem Mint condition.