Top 5 Joe Montana cards you should know about

Joe Montana 1981 Topps

The one and only Joe Montana rookie card was released back in 1981 by Topps and has become one of the most famous rookie cards in football card history. The card is extremely rare in Gem Mint condition as the card usually comes with a lot of flaws. Therefore, these copies carry a huge premium on the market. The card comes with the iconic green border and both a yellow and a red text box.

Joe Montana 1982 Topps #488

One of three second-year cards included in the 1982 Topps set. This card comes with a great design which includes a 49ers helmet in the bottom left corner and a picture of Joe who is on the sideline talking to the coach on the phone. The card is also known as Joe Montana 1982 All-Pro due to the NFC All-Pro writing at the top of the card.

Joe Montana 1982 Topps #489

Another second-year card of Joe Cool was included in the 1982 Topps set. This card is known as the Joe Montana 1982 In Action as it features a bolt-in action writing at the bottom and a picture of him getting ready to throw the ball.

Joe Montana & Tom Brady 2007 Bowman Sterling Dual Autograph

This card is one of the few autograph cards that features the two greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. The card comes with sticker autographs of both players and a great museum-like design. Especially the gold refractor version of this card is a real beauty.

Joe Montana 1983 Topps

The third-year card of Montana comes with a very plain design and a huge 49ers lettering on the top. The card shows Joe walking in the 49er’s gear. Additionally, the card features a yellow box at the bottom saying Joe Montana QB.