Top 5 Chicago Bulls cards you should know about

Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer

Probably the most famous sportscard in existence and a major driver of the market, the 1986 Fleer Jordan is considered MJ‘s real rookie card, even though cards of him in Bulls gear had been released the year before. The iconic red, blue, white, and yellow design of the 1986 Fleer set is as iconic as it gets, and is one of the most legendary sets in sports card history — there hadn’t been a major release of a basketball card set before that for quite a while. A must-have card in great condition for any true MJ collector, but it comes with a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars in PSA 10 condition.

Scottie Pippen 1988 Fleer 

Scottie was drafted back in 1987 and saw his first card release in the 1988 Fleer Basketball set which includes his famous rookie card. The card comes with the iconic 1988 Fleer design and features the young Bull with a great red and black frame. The card comes with a very low PSA 10 pop and is therefore quite rare in Gem Mint condition.

Dennis Rodman 1988 Fleer 

After playing for the Bad Boy Pistons back in the days, Rodzilla joined the Bulls and had a significant impact on the Bulls‘ three-peat in the late 90s. Arguably one of the greatest defensive players and the best rebounder the NBA has ever seen, Rodman has definitely earned his place in the HOF. His rookie card was included in the 1988 Fleer Basketball set as well and features him in the Pistons‘ gear when he still wasn’t tattooed and became the crazy-looking Rodman we know nowadays.

Derrick Rose 2008 Topps Chrome

The youngest MVP in NBA history had his rookie season back in 2008 and was therefore featured in the Topps Chrome set of that year. A beautiful looking chrome rookie card that shows him going for a dunk with red and black circles above his picture including the Bulls letters. The card also comes with a very low PSA 10 pop and is worth a look at in our opinion.

Horace Grant 1988 Fleer

Another Bulls legend that saw his rookie card being released in the 1988 Fleer Basketball set. Grant played with the Bulls during the first three-peat in the early 90s. The card comes with a similar design as the Pippen rookie card and shows him jumping and grabbing the ball with two hands.