Top 10 Tom Brady Rookie cards you should know about

1. Tom Brady Playoff 2000 Championship Ticket /100

Known as the holy grail of Football cards which repeatedly sets records for the most expensive football card ever sold this Tom Brady card sets the standard for all football card collectors. Generally, Tom Brady’s cards were not very popular when they came out due to him being the 199th overall pick. Being drafted that late, no one ever expected him to have a career. Therefore, not a lot of these numbered to 100 cards are left and especially in a good condition. The card comes with an on-card autograph by Brady and a holographic look that makes it distinct from the regular Rookie Ticket.

2. Tom Brady Bowman Chrome 2000

The Bowman Chrome is the 2000 Football set that comes closest to what Topps Chrome was in Basketball back then. Being a beautiful base card of a still affordable medium to the higher-end card, this card is a fan favorite and has experienced a lot of demand during the last months, especially after the GOAT won his seventh ring in Tampa Bay. The card comes with a typical Chrome surface and great-looking artwork.

3. Tom Brady Bowman Chrome 2000 Refractor

As mentioned above, the Bowman Chrome set is comparable to Topps Chrome and therefore also came with the high in demand Refractor variation. When it comes to Tom Brady‘s Refractor, it is an insanely rare card to find in a good condition. There are actually only 7 PSA 10 copies and 56 PSA 9 copies of this card. Due to that, this card is not only extremely sought after but also is selling for extremely high amounts.

4. Tom Brady Upper Deck Black Diamond 2000

Even though Brady does only wear practice equipment on this card, it still comes with a beautiful design and is a quite demanded rookie card of the GOAT. There is also a Gold version of this card that is numbered/500 that comes with a higher price tag.

5. Tom Brady Playoff 2000 Rookie Ticket

Not only did the 2000 Playoff set include the Championship ticket /100, but also a non-holographic version called Rookie Ticket. This version still also comes with an on-card autograph and the same artwork that is just missing the holographic and Rookie Ticket is written on the card instead of Championship Ticket. This card is the best alternative to the Championship ticket but will still set you back high five-figure amounts if you want to acquire it in a good condition.

6. Tom Brady Upper Deck Star Rookie 2000

This card is quite recognizable due to its bold blue border surrounding the picture of Brady. What makes it quite stand out is the fact that he is wearing track pants on this card. In comparison to other cards in this list, it is still more affordable but still expects to pay a mid-four figured amount for a PSA 10 copy.

7. Tom Brady SP 2000

Numbered to just /1250 copies, this card is another beauty produced by SP back in the day. This card is another fan favorite that sells for serious money in a good condition. Expect to be set back by high five figures, if you want to add this gem to your collection.

8. Tom Brady SPx 2000

Another SP rookie card numbered /1350 in this case. This card is another very valuable rookie card selling for five-figure amounts. The card comes with a 2000s style tech look with beautiful holographic patterns.

9. Tom Brady Bowman 2000

Even though it is the non-chrome equivalent of the Bowman Chrome, this card doesn’t really come short in beauty in comparison to its Chrome version. The card‘s relationship with the Chrome version can be compared to what the Topps set is in relation to the Topps Chrome set. Therefore, it is also a way more affordable version of this iconic card.

10. Tom Brady Skybox Impact 2000

The most affordable card in this list due to it being a lower-end product when it came out. Even though the Patriots logo is incorporated on this card, he is wearing his college equipment without the according to logo though.