Top 10 Pikachu cards you should know about

First Edition Red Cheeks Pikachu

The first Pikachu that has been released as part of the English TCG. This card was included in the first edition print run of the Base Set. This card comes in two variations. This one differs so far that the Pikachu in the picture has red cheeks instead of yellow ones. The red cheeks somehow only show up in some of the packs and are, therefore, rarer, more sought after, and quite a bit more expensive than the yellow cheeks one. As it is a first edition Base Set card, it comes without a shadow next to the card and with the iconic 1st Edition stamp on the left side.

First Edition Yellow Cheeks Pikachu

This variation of the first edition Base Set Pikachu comes with yellow cheeks and is known to be pulled from the packs more commonly. Only this minor difference makes it less valuable but still a very sought-after card due to it still being the first TCG release of the most famous Pokémon. The card features the beautiful old-school fat Pikachu which differs quite a bit from the modern Pikachu design.

Ivy Pikachu

The first Black Star Promo of the English TCG features the fan-favorite Pikachu in a 90s computer design. It has gotten its name from the collector’s base due to its uncommon Pikachu design. Somehow they decided to color Pikachu‘s mouth area in white which would normally not be the case. By error, some of those promo Pikachus made it into the Jungle boosters and feature a first edition stamp. These are extremely rare error cards and therefore hold a significant premium.

Trophy Pikachu

The Trophy Pikachu is one of the rarest Pokémon cards in existence as only 14 copies were given out to winners of Japanese tournaments in 1997 and 1998. This card rarely comes up for auction and sells for six figures and more. The artwork is extremely iconic with an old-school fat-looking Pikachu holding up the trophy. Considered a holy grail in the hobby, this card is one a lot of Pokémon collectors would love to have as part of their collection.

Illustrator Pikachu

Another holy grail for any Pokémon collector, the Illustrator Pikachu was a card given out to the winners of a Pokémon Illustrator contest back in the late 90s in Japan. It is said that less than 40 copies were given out which makes this card extremely rare, especially in mint condition. We will probably see a new record sale price for any Pokémon card once someone decides to sell one of the few Mint or Gem Mint copies that exist.

Gold Star Pikachu

The Gold Star cards are the rarest regular Pokémon TCG cards in existence and were insanely rare pulls during the EX era. Gold Star cards only had a pull rate of one in two booster boxes. But not only this makes this card so rare, but the Pokémon TCG was also at an all-time low at that time which led to very low print runs. For sure, Pikachu needed to be featured on one of these cards and was part of the Holon Phantoms set. As it is a Gold Star card, a shiny Pikachu is featured which has a more orange look than the regular one.

First Edition Jungle Pikachu

The 2nd TCG set Jungle also included a Pikachu with a very iconic artwork as well. A very simplistic artwork that features the old fat Pikachu look in a wood. There is also a version of this card that comes with golden Wizards of the Coast W which is a bit rarer and therefore more valuable than the regular one included in the set.

Surfing Pikachu

The Surfing Pikachu saw two releases, the first one as a Black Star promo card and the second one as a secret rare pull in the 20th anniversary XY Evolutions set. The card comes with a very simplistic design of a Pikachu on a surfboard which kind of reminds people of the Pikachu with the surfboard featured in Pokémon Snap for the N64.

Special Delivery Pikachu

A very sought-after modern Pikachu promo card that was given out with orders from the Pokémon center. Part of the Sword and Shield expansion of the TCG, this Pikachu comes with a mailman outfit.

Snap Pikachu

Due to the release of the iconic N64 Pokémon Snap game, the TCG got a special Black Star promo card that features the Pikachu that can be photographed game. A beautiful card that comes with great memories for everyone that played the game back in the day.