Top 10 Patrick Mahomes II cards you should know about

Patrick Mahomes with the back to the camera

Patrick Mahomes 2017 National Treasures RPA

National Treasures is the top of the notch when it comes to high-end sets. Therefore, the National Treasures RPAs are the most sought after and most valuable Patrick Mahomes cards on the market. There are different versions of this card that are limited from up to /99 to /1. These cards are real investor pieces that are just beautiful.

Patrick Mahomes 2016 Select XRC

The Select XRCs are extended rookie cards, meaning they have been released before the player’s rookie season. In this case, Select 2016 included redemptions for the 2017 draft class that was quite rare. Due to this, these cards are quite rare and as they come with an outstanding design as well, you need to expect a premium for them. A very limited release that is very sought after by high-end collectors.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 PRIZM

Probably the most famous Mahomes rookie card as PRIZM has established itself as the flagship product in football. This card‘s price is one of the main indicators of what is going on in the football card market. The card is known to come with a lot of surface issues straight from the pack and does have a quite low PSA 10 population for a modern PRIZM card due to that.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie

The Donruss Optic set is one of the main sets that are released in football. The Rated Rookies are always very sought after and come with a nice chrome surface.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 Donruss Rated Rookie

The regular Donruss set includes non-chrome cards that come with the same artwork as the Optic ones. The Donruss Rated Rookies have always been appreciated by the community and come with several variations such as press proof.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 Select Field Level

Select is one of the most in-demand mid to high-end sets and is known for its great designs. What makes Select special is that it includes several cards of each player and the higher the number of the card, the rarer it is to pull. The field level belongs to the more rare ones as it is #247 of the set.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 Contenders Rookie Ticket

Contenders Rookie Tickets have been among the most recognized and demanded rookie cards for quite a while. This card comes with a beautiful design and an on-card autograph of Mahomes. Even though this card is not numbered, Panini has mentioned that this card wasn‘t produced more than 250.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 PRIZM Stained Glass

The stained glass cards are a short print subset included in PRIZM that are very sought after and hard to pull. The card comes with a beautiful and very recognizable design that reminds of the glass used in church windows.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 Panini Football 

 A lower-end set that we think is quite underrated due to its great design. The card features Mahomes in the middle of a shield-like border. The set includes several beautiful variations such as the Chainmail Armor or the Knight‘s Templar foil cards.

Patrick Mahomes 2017 Flawless RPA

 Flawless is just a little behind National Treasures when it comes to high-end sets and its RPAs are therefore extremely sought after as well. The card comes with a beautiful patch and an on-card autograph of Mahomes. All variations of this card are numbered which makes them rare and a great investment piece.