Top 10 Michael Jordan cards you should know about

1. Michael Jordan Fleer 1986

Probably the most famous sportscard in existence and a major driver of the market, the 1986 Fleer Jordan is considered MJ‘s real rookie card, even though cards of him in Bulls gear had been released the year before. The iconic red, blue, white, and yellow design of the 1986 Fleer set is as iconic as it gets, and is one of the most legendary sets in sports card history — there hadn’t been a major release of a basketball card set before that for quite a while. A must-have card in great condition for any true MJ collector, but it comes with a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars in PSA 10 condition.

2. Michael Jordan Nike Promo

This oversized card was released back in 1985 as part of a set of six promo cards featuring Nike athletes. Nowadays considered as an alternative rookie card to MJ‘s 1986 Fleer card, it has recently experienced a lot of interest from the community. What makes this card appealing beyond only sportscard enthusiasts is that it features MJ wearing the iconic Air Jordan 1.

3. Michael Jordan Star

Not considered a rookie card, but an XRC (extended rookie card), this card was the first collectible MJ card, released back in 1984 by a small company called Star. The Star set actually includes multiple Jordan cards, but the most sought-after is the #101. As Star was only a small company, it is hard to find any copies in good condition.

4. Michael Jordan Interlake

A very oversized card back from 1985 measuring 5“ x 7“, produced by the Interlake Youth Incentive Company and the Boy Scouts of America. Another pre-1986 Fleer card. There are currently only eight PSA 10 copies in existence; these copies sell for some serious money.

5. Michael Jordan Fleer 1987

The 2nd year Fleer MJ card comes with a grey design that looks way more simplistic than the 1986 release. Another card has seen quite some demand from the collectors base recently. TThe 2nd year Fleer MJ card comes with a grey design that is much simpler than the 1986 release. Another card that has seen quite some demand from collectors recently. The card is quite rare in PSA 10 condition, and is therefore selling for five figures in Gem Mint condition.

6. Michael Jordan 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey

Known to be the first MJ Jersey Autograph card ever released, this is one of the most significant Jordan cards. The card is numbered to /23 and features MJ in his All-Star game jersey and an on-card autograph. The number 21 recently sold for $2.1m in a PSA 8 condition at Goldin Auctions, making it the most valuable Michael Jordan card ever sold.

7. Michael Jordan 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Red

In 1997, the first issue of the legendary Precious Metal Gems was released as a subset of the Metal Universe set. Each player in the set received a total of 100 Precious Metal Gems with 90 of them being red. A very expensive card that is known for its surface issues; good condition copies are extremely rare and valuable.

8. Michael Jordan 1997 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green

With only 10 green copies in existence, this is one of the rarest and most sought-after cards on the market. Extremely expensive but one of the best MJ cards you‘ll ever find.

9. Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer Sticker

The iconic 1986 Fleer set not only came with cards, but also with one sticker per pack (and chewing gum as well). The stickers were mostly ignored by the collector community for a while but have also gained track recently. It is quite hard to find in Gem Mint Condition and is therefore rarely sold.

10. Michael Jordan 2003 Exquisite Collection Jersey Autograph

The first issue of the legendary Upper Deck Exquisite Collection set included some beautiful MJ Jersey Patches plus on-card Autograph cards. The card comes with a small picture of Jordan on top, a big patch in the middle, and the autograph on the bottom. Extremely beautiful, extremely sought after.