Top 10 Charizard cards you should know about

1. First Edition Base Set Charizard

The holy grail of Pokémon cards and also the most popular card in the TCG. The First Edition Base Set Charizard is the first Charizard card of the Pokémon TCG ever released. The card features the iconic Base Set artwork and differs from the later releases due to the small 1st Edition stamp on the left side and the missing shadow next to the picture on the card. It is extremely sought after and has seen significant growth over the years and is selling for high six-figure amounts in PSA 10 condition on a regular.

2. Shadowless Base Set Charizard

The Shadowless Base Set Charizard is actually the lowest PSA 10 population one out of the three Base Set Charizards. The Shadowless cards are actually left-over first edition printing sheets from the first edition run that one of the producers still used to produce the highly demanded cards. The only difference is that they are missing the 1st Edition stamp on the left side which makes quite a significant difference value-wise.

3. Unlimited Base Set Charizard

This is the Base Set Charizard most people know and might even have had in their collection if they are a 90s child. The unlimited print run of the base set was quite significant and made the TCG available to everyone. Therefore, this card is not as rare as it seems but is still utilizing the iconic Base Set Charizard artwork. It differs from the 1st Edition and the Shadowless version in so far that it does have a shadow next to the picture and the coloring is a bit lighter.

4. Dark Charizard

Dark Pokémon were introduced in the Rocket set which features some badass-looking artworks of Pokémon that belong to Team Rocket. Being the 2nd Charizard card that has been featured in the Pokémon TCG, it features beautiful artwork of an angry-looking Charizard. The card was released in a holo and a non-holo version.

5. Blaine‘s Charizard

The Gym Challenge and Gym Heroes set introduced Pokémon owned by trainers. As Blaine was the fire gym leader, he received the Charizard card in this set. The card has beautiful artwork and features a small face icon of Blaine in the bottom right corner.

6. Shining Charizard

The Neo sets introduced shiny Pokémon cards for the first time called shining cards. These cards were extremely rare pulls that were available in the Neo Revelation and Neo Destiny set. The Shining Charizard was available in the Neo Destiny set and features a holographic Charizard on a non-holo background. This is a big difference in comparison to the other holographic cards as those always featured the background in a holographic pattern and the Pokémon itself is non-holographic.

7. Crystal Charizard

Being part of the Skyridge set, the last one that was produced by Wizards of the Coast, the Crystal Charizard is one of the most valuable and sought-after Charizard cards. Due to Nintendo deciding to produce the cards themselves in the early 2000s and low demand, the Skyridge set only saw a very small print run. Therefore, this card is extremely hard to find as there aren‘t a lot of good-quality copies on the market. The Crystal Typ was a special card type only being featured in the Aquapolis and the Skyridge set during the so-called e-reader era.

8. No Rarity Symbol Japanese Base Set Charizard

This one is actually the first TCG Base Set Charizard ever released as Japan already got the release of the TCG ahead of the world. Normally, the Pokémon card‘s rarity is indicated by a symbol on the bottom right corner. In this case, the card is missing that indicator which is extremely rare and said to only have happened during the very first print-run in Japan. This card is incredibly rare to come by especially in a PSA 10 condition.

9. Plasma Storm Shiny Charizard

Another Shiny Charizard card, this time from the Black & White era. This Charizard is also known as the blue Charizard as somehow the shiny color is way bluer than it normally should. The card comes with a golden border and is really standing out from the rest of the Plasma storm set.

10. Gold Star Charizard

The Gold Star cards are the rarest regular Pokémon TCG cards in existence and were insanely rare pulls during the EX era. Gold Star cards only had a pull rate of one in two booster boxes. But not only this makes this card so rare, but the Pokémon TCG was also at an all-time low at that time which led to very low print runs. The Gold Star cards feature shiny Pokémon and in this case even a delta species card. The Gold Star Charizard, therefore, is a shiny dark type card that is extremely rare and very expensive due to the high demand for the card.