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Ellis Paul [single] City Song

Ellis Paul [single] City Song
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Product ID : EP-AIH07-dd
Manufacturer: Ellis Paul



From the CD, Am I Home.

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    antje has become popular with listners of WERS in boston and thanks to that station and cdbabdy.com and her devoted and wonderful listners has been fullfilling her dream of making a living with music instead of going back to school and getting a real job. her songs 'erin', 'black annis' and 'poisonjester's mask' have been recorded by the freakishly talented irish group SOLAS. she can be found on a compilation with norah jones (chance and circumstance) on a film by maureen folley called 'american wake' and in a cabin in vermont where she likes to sun herself by this beautiful little lake. she's won a bunch of song contests. ellis paul has called her a poet. chris smithers has said he liked her sunglasses once....... 'boys, flowers, miles' captures the feel and intimacy of her live performances. a full-fledged studio album is in the works for later this year.

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